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#ProductiveStruggle with Cathey White

30 September 2023

What’s the word y’all!

As you can imagine, getting this launch ready to rock and roll has been a mission, for real-for real! As much as it’s taking to get it done, I’m really excited for what we’re about to bring to the public. And a HUUUUUUUUUUGE part of that is one of my favorite moments from this book – and it comes from artist Cathey White.

When I first reached out to Cathey about doing the book cover, she was excited to get to it, and she was really focused on trying to help me take the vision in my head and bring it to life artistically. And as I was telling Cathey about the book and what I imagined, she was on point with going through the details with me. What I didn’t realize was the whole time Cathey was grinding out on the “vision” I had, her artistic mind had taken her somewhere else. And at one point, she was talking to one of her other friends (super shout out to e) who literally said “have you shared this idea with Todd? You HAVE to tell him…”

So Cathey and I are talking and she says “so Todd, here’s the sketches of what you’re thinking, but I wanted to share an idea I had…”


That idea is what we all see today as the cover art.

Cathey says “it’s called productive struggle, Todd. It’s part of the process.”

I say “Cathey – you could’ve just told me this from JUMP and saved us A LOT of time and energy!!!” Lol.

The cover art for the book – this brilliant crate of records – tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about this book, straight up and down! But the beauty of it is that crate is an acrylic painting on a wooden frame. It’s a one of one (hanging right on my wall). But I’m excited to share that we’ve cheffed up a limited number of high-resolution prints of the crate, numbered and signed…and they’ll be available at a series of events on the launch schedule! They will ONLY be available for purchase at in-person events, and in SMALL quantities. And when they sell out, they’re GONE! So make sure you find your way to one of these events, you will NOT regret it one bit.

Shout out to Cathey White for blessing me with the illest cover art in the game right about now. You can check out her work at her website.

In the meantime, keep the faith in the #ProductiveStruggle

October 19, 2023 is coming y’all, so let’s git it!



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