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Reflections While on the Run Pt 2

Event: In Record Time Podcast, Radio Kismet, Philadelphia, PA

Date: Friday, October 20, 2023

Kicks of Choice: Nike LeBron X “Denim”

Thoughts captured on October 29, 2023

Good people,

The Philly thing was dope! And not so much because of the folks who came (which was extra special for me, because there was a crew of people from my life in Philly 20+ years ago), but also because of the DJs who were in the building.

See, because “K for the Way” is truly about DJ culture, it becomes critically important to me that the cultural practitioners – the DJs – chime in and are rockin' with me. The night before, having Boogie Blind in the building was crazy meaningful. To have DJ Junior (aka Dr. Bruce Campbell) and DJ Mike Nyce sitting on the panel with me talking about the book, and showing love TO the book…well…that’s simply the shit that dreams are made of.

For real for real, the idea that DJs are really rocking with the book is a dream come true. I spent a lot of time with DJs, trying to capture their voices in interviews. Then, I spent a lot of time with the interviews, trying to capture those moments in conversation that really made the most sense in terms of stand-alone sections where DJs are talking their ish. But those thoughts fell perfectly in line with academic processes and intellectual practices. Its that “being Hip Hop” and “being DJ” that is the thing that takes it over the top. So in those moments where I could catch those words and align them with the ways the academy might think was important to me, because it showed the high-level thinking that DJs engage in DAILY. It’s really and truly high science, Black Excellence, and a really sacred space – and one that I cherish and hold close to me. Be clear – these turntables and all these records kept me sane, and kept me alive through some dark and desolate times.

Shouts out to my In Record Time podcast crew! Y’all are the truth, for real for real. And a special shout out to Furqan Khaldun and Criterion Connex for sponsoring the episode – you can check out the good work Furqan is doing with the Artist/Creative Collective here.

More coming soon…I’m still processing these moments and these ideas around “K for the Way” being welcomed into the world…



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