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Punished for Dreaming is the truth!

18 September 2023

What’s the good word!

It’s important to support your people, especially when they are doing great work. And there’s not a scholar I know who is getting as busy as the homie Dr. Bettina Love! I met Bettina in the Spring of 2012 at the Show and Prove Hip Hop Conference at NYU. I remember seeing her presentation and thinking it was incredible! Shortly after, I was presenting on the Hip Hop DJ and Citation Practices. Right afterwards, Bettina was like “Yo, that was DOPE!!!” Since then, we’ve both been on our journeys, and it’s been an absolute joy to watch Bettina’s work grow and catch fire. And through all of that, Bettina has always supported me at various critical junctures in my academic career (including writing a blurb for “K for the Way”). She’s a dope scholar, an incredible visionary, and a spectacular human being. So I was excited to check her out at her book launch event for Punished for Dreaming at Teacher’s College on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. And even while she was in all her glory signing books, she literally looked at me and was like “Todd – your book is out! Congratulations!” With colleagues and accomplices like this, I ain’t even worried about the enemies, and that’s WORD!

If you’re not up on Bettina’s work, I suggest you get reading, for real! You can check her out at her website, where you can get tapped into all her scholarly brilliance. Congrats to you, Bettina, and thanks for always keeping it 100!



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