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First stop: DJ Ca$h Money

5 September 2023

Good people!

So one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is hand-delivering “K for the Way” to the DJs who were part of the conversation that’s happening in the book. Over the course of the next months, I’ll be delivering books to a favorite DJ near you. And while I’ve been able to share the word with a bunch of DJs, I was happy to share the first copy with DJ Ca$h Money.

For those who don’t know, Ca$h Money is from Philly, but is one of the most important figures in DJ culture. For one, he’s a triple-crown DJ champion (New Music Seminar, DMC USA and DMC World). For two, he has been the inspiration for hundreds of thousands of turntablists and scratch DJs worldwide. He’s an illmatic DJ and an equally dope producer. But most important, Ca$h Money is the DJ who introduced the world to turning turntables sideways. So if you’re looking at your turntables right now, and your tonearm isn’t on the right side, but on the top of the turntable, you can thank Ca$h Money for that innovation! I got an opportunity to document that critical piece of history in “K for the Way” so it was only right that I get this book in Ca$h’s hands.

But finally, and this is the most important part, Ca$h is a dope person! He’s just a great dude and better human being, who hasn’t been affected by the accolades and the fame and the success that he’s had. He’s still the same DJ Ca$h Money from back in the day. And that right there, is what made this moment so special. When I interviewed him over ten years ago, Ca$h embraced me and rocked out with me – and this was at a time when many of the other DJs I was reaching out to wouldn’t give me the time of day! So I’ve always appreciated the long-standing relationship I’ve had with Ca$h over the years. So getting him this book first was a dope moment, for real.

If you’re not up on who DJ Ca$h Money is, you can tap in with his multiple Twitch shows: check him out, you won’t be disappointed…

So salute to you, Ca$h, word! And to all the other DJs in the book, be clear – I’m pulling up! And that’s what it is…



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