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Dr. Todd Craig explores writing, rhetoric, sound studies and popular culture through the lens of the DJ and Hip Hop culture.



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Todd Craig is a writer, educator and DJ whose career meshes his love of writing, teaching and music. 

Dr. Craig is the author of “K for the Way”: DJ Rhetoric and Literacy for 21st Century Writing Studies, which examines the Hip Hop DJ as twenty-first century new media reader and writer and investigates the modes and practices of the DJ as creating the discursive elements of DJ rhetoric and literacy. 


Dr. Craig has taught courses in English Composition and Rhetoric, Hip Hop Studies and African American Studies within the City University of New York since 2003. Presently, Craig is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at New York City College of Technology (CUNY).

Recent Coursework

  • Stacks, Sounds and a Record a Day: Hip Hop Literacies, DJ Rhetoric and Sonic Happenings 

  • "From the Block with Chains to Da Block Wit' Chains": Flashpoints in African American Rhetoric

  • Narratives of New York: Literature and the Visual Arts 

  • Hip Hop Literacies, DJ Rhetoric and Sonic Happenings 

  • Flashpoints in African American Rhetoric 

  • Black New York 

  • The Hip Hop Worldview 

  • Contemporary Black Writers 

  • Intermediate Composition

  • 21st Century Composition & the Hip-Hop DJ

  • The Multimodal Writings of African American Literature

  • “Decoding Decoded: Research via Jay-Z” 

  • “DITC: Diggin’ in the Crates, Comp and Research in the 21st Century”

  • The History of the Spoken Word in African-American Texts

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Excerpts of Discussion with Dr. Craig

Night at the Museum - Philosophy of Hip Hop

Night at the Museum - Philosophy of Hip Hop

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